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Baked Ham with Spicy Sweet Glaze

You’ve likely heard of honey-baked ham or spiral-cut ham. But have you ever had a petite ham? A petite ham is, for one, smaller than the former two options. At 21-25 ounces, it’s a good size for a meal for a family or a small group. Our hickory-smoked uncured petite hams are produced under the…

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Elk Meat Stew with Citrus

If you’ve ever cooked with elk meat, you know it’s a delicious protein and easy alternative to beef. Elk is best cooked low and slow, so this recipe is an easy one to throw in the slow-cooker in the morning and serve at dinner with just a few extra embellishments.  Elk stew meat is low…

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Lettuce-Wrapped Vegan Burgers

Frontière Natural Meats recently introduced Hold the Beef, a new product line made completely from plant-based ingredients. Hold the Beef offers an alternative to traditional beef and other meat products, designed as a vegan food alternative. This recipe instructs on how to prepare vegan burgers from Hold the Beef. These patties are a lighter alternative…

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How to Use Elk Meat in Recipes

By Monica Stockbridge, Frontiere Natural Meats While still less common in most people’s refrigerators, elk meat is a tasty alternative to beef. Between beef and elk meat, beef is definitely the more common food choice. Yet, elk meat has a variety of benefits — one being that it’s a simple substitution for beef in many…

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Frontière Natural Meats Now Has Vegan Options

By Monica Stockbridge, Frontiere Natural Meats Frontière Natural Meats is proud to introduce Hold the Beef, a separate retail line completely free of animal products. Hold the Beef offers an alternative to traditional patties and ground meat, specially designed for those who want a plant-based food alternative. You may be scratching your head. A meat…

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The Benefits of Bone Broth

By Monica Stockbridge, Frontiere Natural Meats Bone broth is having a moment. Whether sipping it straight from a hot mug or using it as a base for soups and stews, this hearty and healthful liquid gold has layers of savory flavor from hours of roasting and simmering. What is Bone Broth? At its simplest, bone…

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Simple Vegetable Soup with Bone Broth

With vitamins, minerals and soul-warming savoriness, bone broth has become something of a healthfood hero lately. Bone broth boasts many benefits, such as improving digestive health and easing joint pain. You can buy it in the store easily enough, but good bone broth is easy to make at home, and perfect for adding to recipes…

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What’s the Difference Between Cured and Uncured Bacon?

By Monica Stockbridge, Frontiere Natural Meats Bacon is one of those fan-favorite foods that, according to some people (including us!), makes everything better. Enjoy it at breakfast with your favorite style of eggs. Sneak it into salads as a crunchy, salty topping. Wrap up sweet, chewy dates and savory goat cheese as an appetizer. Or…

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Spinach and Bacon Salad with Warm Bacon Vinaigrette

Most people think of bacon as primarily a breakfast and brunch food. And yet, bacon has all sorts of potential for meals throughout the day.  For those of you wondering how to sneak in a helping of bacon at dinnertime, check out this spinach and bacon salad with warm bacon vinaigrette. That’s right — there’s…

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4 Ways to Cook a New York Strip Steak

By Monica Stockbridge, Frontiere Natural Meats There are several different ways to cook a strip steak or a New York strip. Here are four of our favorite ways to cook a New York strip.  What is strip steak? Strip steak, also called strip loin, Kansas City steak, New York strip or top loin, comes from…

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