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Handling Meat Safely While Cooking Outdoors

Follow these tips to eat well and safely outdoors By: Monica Stockbridge, Frontière Natural Meats We love the experience of cooking our favorite meats during an outdoor adventure, whether that’s camping in the mountains or picnicking in the park. Here, we review a few ways to ensure safe food handling while enjoying the great outdoors.…

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Summer Herbs to Dress Up Your Meat Dishes

Make the most of the season with these herbed sauces and toppings By: Monica Stockbridge, Frontière Natural Meats One of the things we love most about summer is the abundance of fresh produce and herbs, many of which make excellent accompaniments to steaks and burgers. Here, we talk about a few ways to dress up…

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Colorado Untamed Jerky is Here

Frontière Natural Meats now offers bison jerky By: Monica Stockbridge, Frontière Natural Meats Frontière Natural Meats is introducing two types of bison jerky from sister brand, Colorado Untamed. Check out the Colorado Untamed All Natural Bison Smoked Chopped and Formed Jerky and All Natural Bison Smoked Cowboy Style jerky — the perfect high-protein snack to…

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Bison Tomahawks – The Original Cowboy Steak

The specialty steak for your next cookout By: Monica Stockbridge, Frontière Natural Meats Frontiere Natural Meats’ newest product is the bison tomahawk steak. This is a specialty cut of ribeye steak which features a thick, ample amount of meat with a rib bone included for a one-of-a-kind presentation. Learn more about this striking cut and…

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Wake up to Breakfast Sausage

Mornings are better with elk and bison breakfast sausage By: Monica Stockbridge, Frontière Natural Meats Breakfast is the most important meal of the day — especially if it begins with breakfast sausage from Frontière Natural Meats. Now, you can order elk breakfast sausage or bison breakfast sausage to add savory, high-protein goodness to your mornings. Breakfast…

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Q&A with Frontière Natural Meats Vice President Josh Viola

Intro and interview by Monica Parpal Stockbridge While some of our customers and clientele may be familiar with our founders and teammates, in this blog we’d like to take a moment to introduce one of our founders, Josh Viola. Longtime Coloradan Josh Viola oversees marketing and publicity for Frontière Natural Meats. Together, Josh, his dad,…

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5 Tips for enjoying Frontière Natural Meats this Holiday Season

By: Monica Stockbridge, Frontière Natural Meats For many of us, December is a time of food, family and tradition. This month, we’re balancing year-end errands, family visits and the joy (and stress) of gift-giving. Whether you’re looking to stock up on holiday vittles to feed family and friends, or getting your freezer ready for the…

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Why We’re Grateful for Sous Vide Cooking

A Home Cook’s Greatest Meat-Cooking Secret By: Monica Stockbridge, Frontière Natural Meats For many of us, cooking for friends and family is a favorite pastime. It’s about gathering together, and, if we’re lucky, enjoying memorable meals that nurture the soul and the belly. And hey, if we’re being honest, we’re grateful for anything that makes…

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