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Elk and Bison Breakfast Sausage Now Available in King Soopers Stores


Fans of Frontière Natural Meats are probably aware that the products they love are available for ordering online at frontierenaturalmeats.com.
Just this fall, Frontiere Natural Meats’ popular bison and elk breakfast sausage launched in King Soopers stores throughout Colorado. Now, customers can find their favorite signature bison breakfast sausage and elk breakfast sausage in their neighborhood grocery stores. Just look for the Frontière Natural Meats logo and the “Colorado Proud” stickers on each package in the ground meats or breakfast meats sections.

  • The versatility of ground meat. While we love sausage links and patties for breakfast, the versatility of ground sausage means that they are easy to adapt to different recipes. Form your own patties or brown and sprinkle into a breakfast frittata.
  • High-protein options. People love the high protein content of both bison and elk meat, especially coveted at breakfast. Both types of meat are lean, low-fat and high in protein. Elk has 14 grams of protein per 2.5-ounce serving, and bison has 10 grams per 2.5-ounce serving.
  • Low saturated fat. Bison and elk are both lower in fat than pork or beef. In fact, elk has about half the amount of fat that pork sausage does, without skimping on texture or flavor.
  • Flavorful alternatives to beef. Bison and elk both offer flavorful alternatives to beef. Bison tends to offer a slightly sweet, rich flavor while elk is tender, mild and savory. Both types of meat are enhanced with light spices, perfect for breakfast.
  • None of the bad stuff. Frontière Natural Meats’ elk and bison are never fed animal by-products and never given antibiotics, MSG, gluten, lactose or preservatives. As such, they are free of harmful nitrates and nitrites.

Both elk sausage and bison sausage offer high-quality, high-protein options that are a big hit at breakfast. It’s simple to brown the ground meat and add to breakfast casseroles or form mini breakfast patties to serve with a brunch spread. These meats are perfect in breakfast burritos, or try them in tacos anytime!

Look in your local King Soopers store for Frontière Natural Meats’ elk breakfast sausage and bison breakfast sausage. Or, as always, find it online at https://frontierenaturalmeats.com/.

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Frontière Natural Meats’ Bison Breakfast Sausages is a delicious and lean addition to breakfast. We start with high quality protein and include only the finest ingredients – avoiding MSG, gluten, lactose, and preservatives like nitrates and nitrites.


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