All Natural Wagyu Beef

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Humanely Raised All Natural Wagyu Beef

Frontière Natural Meats offers All Natural Wagyu Beef with an American flare. Wagyu means “Japanese Cow”. Noted for its flavor, tenderness and high quality marbling, Wagyu has earned a reputation for being premium, high-end beef. Our American Wagyu beef have Japanese bloodlines, but are neither 100% Japanese Wagyu or Kobe beef. Rather, our Wagyu are bred with Angus and Charolais to achieve the finest genetic pedigree, while maintaining at least 50% Japanese ancestry. Our Wagyu are bred and raised in the USA without added growth hormones and are never fed antibiotics or animal byproducts of any kind — all to ensure the best taste and quality eating experience.

Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients or preservatives.

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