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What’s Your Beef? – Our guide to Frontière Natural Meats’ four types of ground beef

By: Monica Stockbridge, Frontière Natural Meats

Beef is beef, right? Actually, there are many different choices when it comes to selecting beef to cook at home. Frontière Natural Meats offers four different types of ground beef, each with its own certifications, character, and nuance.

Ground beef. We love it in our burgers and meatballs, meatloaf and chili. It’s one of those go-to meat products that is so versatile and reliable that we’ve always got some in the freezer for a quick, tasty and high-protein meal.

You may be thinking, beef is beef, right? Well, not exactly. There are many different choices when it comes to selecting beef to cook at home. You’ll find that some ground beef is leaner than others and that the cow makes a difference in the type of beef it produces.

Frontière Natural Meats offers four different types of ground beef, each with its own certifications, character and nuance. These types of beef include Angus beef, grass-fed beef, organic beef and Wagyu beef.

Here, we’ll go into what makes each type different and delicious.

Angus beef

One of the popular types of beef Frontière Natural Meats offers is all natural Angus beef. Angus beef gets its name from the type of cattle. There are both red Angus and black Angus cows, with the latter being far more common.

Frontière Natural Meats only sources Angus beef that is vegetarian-fed, with a diet free from animal byproducts. The cows never receive growth hormones, antibiotics or stimulants. These cows have access to the outdoors for most of their lives, feeding on pastures as well as supplemental feed bins for added vitamins and minerals. Angus beef is generally known for great marbling (intermuscular fat) which makes for tasty and tender ground meat.

Grass-fed beef

Another popular type of beef from Frontière Natural Meats is grass-fed beef. Just like the name, grass-fed cows feed on a diet of lush grass in wide open pastures. The American Grass-fed Association defines grass-fed products as animals that have only consumed grass or grass-type hay. Frontière Natural Meats cows have this luxury for their entire lives. This means that the cows have a more natural, low-stress existence, and the resulting beef is leaner and more nutrient-rich than grain-fed animals. Those nutrients include Omega 3s (such as ALA, EPA and DHA) as well as vitamins A and E and Beta-Carotene.

Organic beef

Frontière Natural Meats 100% grass-fed, USDA Certified organic beef is one of our most popular meats items. The cattle are raised on certified organic ranch land, which ensures that both the land and the animals are respected and treated in a humane and sustainable manner. Like grass-fed beef, these are animals who have only grazed on grass or grass-type hay for their whole lives, free from pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), bone meal, meat byproducts and animal byproducts. Additionally, all certified organic cattle are born and raised on certified organic pastures free from synthetic petro-chemical fertilizers and other contaminates that could enter their drinking water.

Due to the organic green diet rich in vitamins and minerals absorbed from the soil, the cattle carry less fat, which results in lower calorie beef. It’s also higher in Omega-3s, vitamin A, the B-vitamins thiamin and riboflavin, vitamin E and Beta-Carotene, as well as the minerals calcium, magnesium, and potassium. This beef also contains high amounts of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), a fatty acid that is produced naturally in 100% grass-fed cattle. Research shows that a diet rich in CLA can help reduce the risk of cancer, atherosclerosis and diabetes.

Wagyu beef

At Frontière Natural Meats, Wagyu beef produced with an American flare. Literally translated to mean “Japanese Cow,” Wagyu beef is known for its flavor, tenderness and premium quality. The American Wagyu cattle from Frontière Natural Meats has 50% Japanese bloodlines and are bred with Angus and Charolais cattle to achieve a quality genetic pedigree. These Wagyu are bred and raised in the USA without added growth hormones and are never fed antibiotics or animal by-products of any kind — all to ensure the best taste and quality eating experience. Our Wagyu beef is minimally processed with no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

So, what’s your beef? Give each one a try and see what you learn. And when you’re ready to get cooking, try our Mushroom and Onion Blended Burgers, Organic Beef Tacos, or Gochujang Meatloaf!



Frontière Natural Meats is a family-operated business dedicated to an all-natural, hormone-free farming process. Our animals are free-range and raised under strict guidelines in accordance with USDA requirements. We hold our values to the same high standards you set for yourself when it comes to guaranteeing healthy, savory nutrition for your loved ones. Connect with us on Facebook for more healthy products, cooking tips and recipe ideas.

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