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Frontière Natural Meats is dedicated to providing your family with products that meet the highest standards of nutrition and ethics. Our free-range livestock are never administered growth hormones or stimulants. We exceed USDA requirements by following extensive food safety protocols for our all natural and organic meats. From bison to beef, pork to elk, we pride ourselves on offering value and variety. Rest assured, you’re eating smart with Frontière Natural Meats.

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Grass-Fed Angus Beef Brisket

Frontière Natural Meats’ All Natural Angus Beef Briskets are delicious and ready to eat and a proud addition to our All Natural Angus Beef products. Whether you are looking for that special new lunch meat for the family or a finger food that will draw attention at your next gathering, you can skip the deli and get high-quality fully-cooked Angus brisket delivered right to your door step. Made from the highest quality ingredients, our Angus Beef are All Natural, 100% Grass-Fed, NEVER administered antibiotics or growth hormones and are NEVER fed animal byproducts.

All-Natural Angus Beef

100% Grass-Fed

Ready to Eat

Beef Raised Humanely

No Added Antibiotics

No Added Hormones

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Plant-Based Vegan Meat


Experience savory dining without sacrificing animal welfare through plant-based soy protein. 100% vegan, Hold the Beef™ tastes great and provides robust nutrition. Grown from the earth and nourished by nature, Hold the Beef™ means wholesome, sustainable meals with an emphasis on quality, ethics, and flavor.



Did we mention that Hold the Beef™ is Heart Healthy?  According to the FDA, diets low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and as low as possible trans fat may help reduce the risk of heart disease.  Each serving of our plant-based vegan meat has no cholesterol, no trans fat, and less than 1 g of saturated fat!


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Wagyu Steaks

8 oz Wagyu Ribeye Steak & 8 oz Wagyu Strip Loin Steak

We are proud to add Wagyu Ribeye Steaks and Strip Loin Steaks to our growing list of Wagyu Beef products. Wagyu means “Japanese Cow”. Noted for its flavor, tenderness and high-quality marbling, Wagyu steak has a reputation for being premium, high-end beef. Our American Wagyu beef have Japanese bloodlines, but are neither 100% Japanese Wagyu or Kobe beef. Rather, our Wagyu are bred with Angus and Charolais to achieve the finest genetic pedigree, while maintaining at least 50% Japanese ancestry. Our Wagyu are bred and raised in the USA without added growth hormones and are never fed antibiotics or animal byproducts of any kind — all to ensure the best taste and quality eating experience. Take satisfaction in knowing our American Wagyu steak is the best in the USA.

All Natural Wagyu Beef

No Antibiotics Fed

No Added Hormones

No Animal Byproducts Fed

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All Natural Elk Meat

16 oz Burgers, 1.5lbs Chuck Roast, 8 oz Ranch Steak & 16 oz Stew Meat

We are proud to add Elk Burgers, Chuck Roast, Ranch Steaks, and Stew Meat to our growing list of Elk Meat products. Frontière Natural Meats All Natural Elk are humanely raised on beautiful pastures. As with all of our natural programs, there are NEVER growth hormones or stimulants added to animal feed. Rather, they live on a vegetarian diet that DO NOT contain animal byproducts. Like bison, elk is high in protein and offers a delicious, exotic taste you won’t want to miss.

All Natural Elk Meat

No Antibiotics Fed

No Added Hormones

100% Vegetarian-Fed

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