Apr 12 , 2019

Frontiere Natural Meats

Bourbon-Marinated Beef Strip Loin Steak 

When it comes to steak, we all have our favorites methods. Some choose a special marinade, others stick with simple salt and pepper. Some smother their steak in sauce and serve alongside potatoes; others enjoy it sliced atop a green salad.

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For this recipe, we approached our fearless founder and VP of Marketing, Josh Viola. When we chatted with him for a recent blog post, he let us know that he loves a simply marinated steak on the grill, served alongside grilled onions and asparagus, and almost always with a healthy Mediterranean salad.

With this recipe, the meat is the star of the show — naturally. But you won’t believe how this quick and easy marinade elevates the flavor. Feel free to play around with the ingredients and portions until you find your favorite blend. (Josh himself confesses to eyeballing it at home!) The recipe below will give you a good start.

Bourbon-Marinated Beef Strip Loin Steak

Serves four


2 10-oz Frontière Natural Meats Organic, 100% Grass-Fed Beef Strip Loin Steaks

2 tsp butter, separated

For the Marinade:

2 Tbsp red wine
2 Tbsp avocado oil
1 Tbsp bourbon whiskey
1 Tbsp brown sugar
1 tsp butter
1 tsp Dijon mustard
1 clove garlic, chopped
1 tsp salt

½ tsp pepper


Prepare marinade by whisking together all ingredients in a medium bowl. Place steaks in a freezer bag or food-safe container with a lid. Pour the marinade over the steaks. Refrigerate for about an hour or up to 24 hours.

When ready to cook, remove steaks from marinade and gently scrape off excess. Let rest at room temperature for about 20 minutes.

Heat an outdoor grill or stove-top grill pan over high heat for about 5 minutes. Place steaks on the grill and cook for 2-3 minutes. Flip the steaks over and cook another 2-3 minutes on the other side. Cook longer for medium to medium-well.

Remove steaks from grill and let rest for about 10 minutes before serving. Josh suggests serving with grilled onions and asparagus, as well as a Mediterranean salad. (For the salad, he enjoys a combination of romaine, red onions, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers and feta cheese, tossed with red wine vinegar and avocado oil).