Dec 11 , 2018

Monica Stockbridge

5 Tips for enjoying Frontière Natural Meats this Holiday Season

By: Monica Stockbridge, Frontière Natural Meats

For many of us, December is a time of food, family and tradition. This month, we’re balancing year-end errands, family visits and the joy (and stress) of gift-giving. Whether you’re looking to stock up on holiday vittles to feed family and friends, or getting your freezer ready for the new year, we’ve got plenty of ideas to help you keep your holiday happy and healthy with Frontière Natural Meats.

December is a time of food, family and tradition. This month, we’re balancing year-end errands, family visits and the joy (and stress) of gift-giving during the holidays.

Every year around this time, we hear from customers about why they buy from Frontière Natural Meats. For some, they’re stocking up for the month in order to feed the droves of friends and family who will be visiting (and eating) during Christmas and New Year’s.

For others, it’s about ordering high-end, quality meat to enjoy during a special dinner or traditional holiday meal. For example, some families have a tradition of ribeyes on New Year’s Eve, or steak and eggs on Christmas morning. Still others simply seek to order their favorite products to stock their freezers for the year ahead.

Whether you’re looking to stock up on holiday vittles to feed all the family and friends you’ll be hosting, or hoping to get your freezer full of healthful, high-quality protein options for the new year, we’ve got plenty of ideas to help you keep your holiday happy and healthy.

At Frontière Natural Meats, we’re all about bringing high-quality, premium meat products to our budget-minded consumers all year through—and especially during the holidays. Here are a few ways to enjoy our offerings during the holiday season.

Stock up on meat

Ideally, the holiday season involves spending quality time family and friends. After all, through the chaos of running errands, holiday shopping, decorating and generally wrapping up a busy year, it’s important to keep an eye on what matters: those closest to us.

Of course, a big part of being with loved ones involves eating with loved ones. This concept holds true across generations and cultures. A celebration feels incomplete without good food, and good food is a great reason to celebrate. Hosting family usually means doing a bit of cooking, and having the right foods on hand already can make the process so much easier. Stocking up on meat from a dedicated, family-owned company helps make these celebrations come to life during the holidays and year-round.

Order meat online

Our bison has a sweeter, richer flavor than beef and has less fat and fewer calories than beef. We suggest choosing your favorite free-range meats and placing your order online at Frontiè Everything from organic beef tenderloin steaks to ground elk meat to uncured bison hotdogs can be shipped directly to your door.

If you’ve never ordered meat online before, you may be wondering how it works. Everything arrives frozen and packed securely inside a styrofoam cooler with thermal bubble wrap, gel freezer packs and sanitation wrap. This means that you can count on quality from the moment you visit the website to the moment you receive and unpack your order. Learn more about the shipping process here.

Ordering ahead of time means you’ll be able to pull your selection of meat from the freezer to quickly and easily put together holiday meals without the stress. Whether you’re preparing a specialty bison chili for a cozy fireside meal, Christmas morning steak and eggs, or New Year’s Eve ribeyes, Frontière Natural Meats has you covered.

Cook the holiday foods you love

Everyone has different holiday cooking traditions that evolve and change over the years and over the generations. For some, it’s a succulent beef roast that’s cooked for hours and served at a classic holiday dinner. For others, it’s Christmas Eve hamburgers and a holiday season barbecue that creates a warm and casual experience.

One of our favorites is Christmas morning steak and eggs : a simple, delicious way to wake up and enjoy a cozy morning at home. We love dishes like these because they can be enjoyed as a casual and simple meal at the kitchen table, or elevated with a post-holiday eve glass of bubbly during a fancy brunch. Our version is made with bison top sirloin steak, and you can find the recipe here.

Try something new!

While we all have our favorites, it can be fun to try something new to make a splash during a holiday meal. For example, if you’ve always cooked beef, you might try cooking with bison this year. By the way, bison is the correct name for American buffalo meat, which is leaner than beef with less marbling and a sweeter, richer flavor. From bison strip loin steaks and bison sirloin steaks to ground bison, there are many different options to try. Check out our bison steak and eggs recipe here.

The same goes for elk meat. If you’ve never tried it, you’ll be in for a treat! This flavorful meat is packed with protein and easy to cook without the gamey flavor of venison. Try ground elk in our recipe for elk shepherd’s pie.

Send meat as a gift

For the carnivores in your family, an order of high-quality, hormone-free meat can be a practical and memorable gift. Every time your loved one reaches for a steak or ground meat from the freezer, they’ll remember your thoughtfulness (and might even invite you over for dinner!).

Be sure to coordinate the preferred meats and delivery information to ensure that the product is received and refrigerated right away. Shipping excludes holidays, and travel time plus fulfillment is required. Orders over $250 are eligible for free shipping.

This holiday season, there are so many ways to bring high-quality, healthy food to your loved ones. Frontière Natural Meat wishes you a happy, healthy holiday. We can’t wait to continue bringing you the best products possible in 2019!



Frontière Natural Meats is a family-operated business dedicated to an all-natural, hormone-free farming process. Our animals are free-range and raised under strict guidelines in accordance with USDA requirements. We hold our values to the same high standards you set for yourself when it comes to guaranteeing healthy, savory nutrition for your loved ones. For more healthy products, cooking tips, and recipe ideas, connect with us on Facebook.

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