Jun 10 , 2019

Monica Stockbridge

Colorado Untamed Jerky is Here

Frontière Natural Meats now offers bison jerky

By: Monica Stockbridge, Frontière Natural Meats

Frontière Natural Meats is introducing two types of bison jerky from sister brand, Colorado Untamed. Check out the Colorado Untamed All Natural Bison Smoked Chopped and Formed Jerky and All Natural Bison Smoked Cowboy Style jerky — the perfect high-protein snack to take on the go.

Most of us have had some sort of encounter with beef jerky. It’s often wrapped in bright red plastic at the grocery store checkout counter, and plentiful at gas station convenience stores. As a lean, dried meat, jerky has a long history in the West and cultures all over the world. We’re big fans of jerky — but, as with all our products, our standards are high.

That’s why Frontière Natural Meats has introduced an all-natural bison smoked jerky, a new product under the Colorado Untamed brand. Now, you can try All Natural Bison Smoked Jerky, Chopped and Formed, or All Natural Bison Smoked Jerky, Cowboy Style (whole muscle strips). Both types of jerky have all the trademark characteristics of bold, savory flavors and a firm but tender texture.

Still, this isn’t your traditional beef jerky. Here are a few things to know about Frontière Natural Meats’ latest product.

It’s not beef … it’s bison!

First of all, this jerky isn’t beef jerky. It’s bison jerky made from bison meat. That’s right; it’s the same type of meat you can buy from Frontière Natural Meats online, like ground bison or all natural bison tenderloin.

Bison jerky is prepared in much the same way as beef jerky, only we use the highest quality bison meat raised in Colorado and the Midwest for a superior local product that results in a superior snack.

It’s good for you

Many people applaud beef jerky for its high-protein, healthful qualities. Bison jerky takes this a step further since bison is naturally higher in protein and nutrients. Furthermore, this paleo-Influenced snack offers a very low-carb choice for anyone who follows a paleo, keto or another carb-free diet. One two-ounce package offers 31 grams of protein and only 2 grams of carbohydrates.

It’s made from high-quality ingredients

Other jerkies on the market tend to have some unexpected ingredients such as corn, soybeans, and even wheat. Colorado Untamed bison jerky starts with high-quality beef, water, salt and spices. Colorado Untamed bison jerky is gluten-free and prepared with no soy, no lactose and no MSG — and zero antibiotics or added hormones.

It tastes delicious

Our bison jerky comes in a package small enough to fit into your pocket, but it certainly doesn’t skimp on flavor. We smoke the jerky for that signature smoked meat nuance, and real ingredients such as ground mustard, cultured celery powder, garlic powder, sea salt mean big flavor without all the weird stuff.

Enjoy two different styles of bison jerky as a snack or small meal. The bite-sized chopped and formed style jerky is made from finely ground and shaped bison meat. The cowboy-style jerky comes in whole strips with a chewy yet tender texture.

Ready for a high-protein, healthy snack with plenty of protein and full-on flavor? Give our new Colorado Untamed bison jerky a try. Order the All Natural Bison Smoked Jerky, Chopped and Formed, or the All Natural Bison Smoked Jerky, Cowboy Style.

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