May 24 , 2019

Monica Stockbridge

Wake up to Breakfast Sausage

Mornings are better with elk and bison breakfast sausage

By: Monica Stockbridge, Frontière Natural Meats

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day — especially if it begins with breakfast sausage from Frontière Natural Meats. Now, you can order elk breakfast sausage or bison breakfast sausage to add savory, high-protein goodness to your mornings.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day — especially if it begins with savory, flavorful breakfast sausage.

Maybe it’s because breakfast sausage feels indulgent and special, something to linger over. Yet, it’s so simple to work this high-protein and flavorful component into an everyday meal, and even more so when you have a reliable source of high-quality meat.

Luckily, Frontière Natural Meats has anticipated your breakfast desires with elk breakfast sausage and bison breakfast sausage available to order online, perfect for adding a bit of savory, high-protein goodness to your mornings.

Here’s a bit more about our newest meat on the market:

Ground Breakfast Sausage?

But of course! While many of us may be most familiar with breakfast sausage in the form of a sausage link or pre-formed sausage patty, sausage that comes ground is readily adaptable to your morning meal whims.

Frontière Natural Meats’ elk and bison breakfast sausages come packed into airtight plastic that can be easily pulled from the freezer for a special weekend brunch, or even for prepping the week’s morning meals ahead of time. The ground meat is ideal for sprinkling into a quiche or frittata, or mixing up into a quick and tasty scramble.

Bison Breakfast Sausage

Bison breakfast sausage is a tasty and lean addition to breakfast, comparable to beef but with a deeper red color. This is due to a lack of marbling, which means there’s less fat mixed in with the muscle. Bison does not want for flavor, however, and many find that bison tastes sweeter and richer than beef.

Compared to beef, bison has about a third of the calories, and very little fat — only 1.8 grams to beef’s 24 grams per serving, according to USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (ARS).

Elk Breakfast Sausage

Unlike pork, beef and even bison, elk is a little less common and perhaps newer to your breakfast menu. Elk is different from venison, and it isn’t gamey or tough. Rather, elk has the same toothsome texture as ground beef or bison, but offers a mild, savory taste that makes it perfect for the first meal of the day.

Elk has about half the fat of pork sausage, and fewer calories per serving, too, making it a lean, hearty protein option.

Frontière Natural Meats’ elk and bison are raised with no antibiotics, MSG, gluten, lactose, or preservatives like nitrates and nitrites. The animals never receive growth hormones and are never fed animal byproducts.

So, there you have it. Give elk breakfast sausage and bison breakfast sausage a try the next time you cook sausage for breakfast. Make your own patties, crumble it into a frittata, or — if you’re like us — make adorable, portable and delicious mini quiches.

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